fuck lazarus
fuck pascal

please people you get C, C++, rust, java, javascript EVEN BRAINFUCK is better than this fucking stupid and obsolete language.
The toolchain is just horrible. fpc, fp-compiler, lazarus...

Even in repos 3.0.0 is not the latest one. Like who the fucking cares about improving this language, please think of people who don't give a shit and freeze it already

language is slow
language is horribly verbose
language is CRYPTIC to debug
nobody sain would ever want to learn this language

10 years ago as a student I would pit on lazarus
today I still pit on it

now about lazarus...
The IHM is one of the most shittiest interface we could ever dream of.
Even gimp does it better
you get to download fucking Mbs for a condensated pack of windows all over the places

fuck that

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    Personal opinion, but add Ruby to that list.
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    Be glad you don't have to work with the old Borland Delphi.
    The same problems but incredibly outdated.
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