Question for the dev community about best laptops. I'm coming from developing on frankly outrageous desktop machines for the past two years (8700K with 32 gigs of memory and Intel Optane SSDs). I'm starting a new job soon where I'll need to buy a laptop to use at work for portability reasons. Company is giving me money to pay for it, budget is $2,000. What's a fairly portable laptop that isn't going to feel really slow switching over from crazy desktop builds like that?

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    @spikadongalent no. Why would you get that overpriced piece of crap.

    Now first we need some information. What OS will you run and what kind of workloads are you expecting (ex. Do you need a GPU, etc.)
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    @Wack will be running Windows since it's mainly a .Net shop (I know I know Windows is bad etc. etc.). I want a 15" device just because of the screen size. Don't need 4k, want it to be able to run Visual Studio which can be pretty heavy depending on what you're doing. Probably don't need a discrete GPU, but wouldn't be bad to have just in case.
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    I personaly have good expirience with lenovo thinkpads, like the E4xx or E5xx series. If your company has a "professional" account with either dell or hp, then you should probably get some sweet deals there too (assuming they ordered some machines lately)

    Since I'm not sure where you are from, check the offers for lenovo thinkpad E580 and E590. They should feature quadcore processors and go for at least 16gb ram options.
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