ms sql server may be the worst piece of software I've ever worked with.

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    Oh yeah just running a windows server is a nightmare
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    And to @scriptcoded. Sql server is coming to linux, you no longer need windows to run it.

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    @Voxera I legit want to know why as well.

    SQL Server has always been a joy to work with.
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    windows is lifting and shifting their junk to linux? Yay!

    All jokes aside, I'm probably just unfamilliar with it. mysql and postgres both seem to be significantly easier to work with.
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    First db engine I worked with. Never had a problem... loved working with SSMS and even managed to cope with the 2000 version... Then I learned sqlcmd and was even happier... You probably just suck at it.
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    Guys you know, if you don't bash ms here you're not cool
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    @1nt3rn3tc0wb0y sql server started out on unix before ms bought it and ported it to windows.

    And the way they ported it was to wrap it in a (sql os) like container like a early docker.

    Now they just ported that container back to linux so its actually as far as I know the same compiled file running on both :)

    But as others said, sql server has been super stable and easy to use.

    It can be a bit daunting if you just try to wing it without any previous knowledge but you can squeeze massive amount of performance out if it if you know what you are doing.

    Then again, it depends on the needs.

    I have used mysql, mssql and mongodb all in production systems for 20+ years and they all have their pros and cons but if I had do go with one for everything mssql would be first choice.
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    @Voxera this, i can add also sqlite for me... Like everything every one has their own place
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    probably very unfamiliar with it and you've never touched oracle so you literally have no idea what hell is 😂😂😂
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    @Voxera Whaaaaaaaaat?
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    Check detailed history.

    I was wrong on one point, they did not buy it but it was a cooperation where they ported the sybase sql server first to os/2 and then to nt.
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    I bet you still have to deal woth the NCHAR data type
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    @Mbithy I know of the pain of oracle as well
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