I need to get better at focusing when on a project, when sumns wrong and I've exhausted all my efforts i usually look it up or ask if someone can help. I wanna get focused and caught in my work but I get distracted so easy.

The other day I was working on a small project and spent hours on a small function which was going well for a while but i felt like I was wasting my time because I was spending hours on something that was only around 15-20 lines although I'm proud of how far I got but I still feel weak for not being able to create something big like basically everyone else can 😅 especially if I want to make it in the programming world

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    You’d be surprised how little code some of us write in a day during work. Quality is a lot more important than rushing just to get it done.
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    @52cal idk I just kinda wish I could write something long like over 100 lines in a few files in a project. It just would give me a confidence boost that I can handle large projects
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    @52cal try to tell that to suits.

    Boss joked yesterday about paying salary by lines of code committed. Hidden truth in a bad joke.
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    @karasube I’m just lucky to have very understanding bosses.
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