So my Xbox one broke down and I want it to be replaced, since it is out of warranty , I don’t mind paying for a replacement(I heard somewhere they have an offer where you pay a small amount for a new one)

But those fuckers aren’t human, not metaphorically, I mean literally , you can’t call/chat with a human , the only time you can contact a human is after 7:30 fucking PM.
Royal fuck in the nuts witha hammer, you’re Microsoft , not some porn company which is only in one country ,please have a “working” customer service, recommend you guys, before going to buy a Microsoft product , just try to connect to microsoft , you’ll probably end up buying something else

P.S. the image below shows how the only time I can connect to a human is after 7:30PM - 7:00 AM, and no emails too don’t work

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    Wtf? They think gamers only play by then? :p
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    What timezone are you in?
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    It's a bit of an unusual working time, but I don't see the big problem, it even allows you to call the support at home instead of work hours.
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    It says that those times are in your timezone... They work in PST
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    I live in India , and yes , I could call around that time , so it’s IST, and yes I do understand that it’s PST, but I think , or Asia is a big enough market to have a dedicated customer service,

    And trust me guys the service is just getting worse, I tried chat option, the people who reply aren’t employee but fellow gamers I guess , cos there’s never a proper response
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