Scary AF!!!

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    Welcome to devRant, buddy :)
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    @KuroTenshi67 thank you bro
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    I have the scariest story.
    I've received photos of code on computer screen taken by a phone.

    And that's a real story.
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    @rockford5281 such a bad day😂😂
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    @jlokhande46 A day? This went on for a couple of semesters for group projects. They cannot use git, so relied on collaboration by sending code snippets to each other. And whenever anyone had issues with their code, they just take a snap on their phone an send it.
    It was bad.
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    @rockford5281 I understand you. Even my classmates do the same and this are the one who tops the class.
    Today one guy was asking me to solve the error in python code for some cryptographic algorithm. You won't believe the error was ; How bad:(
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    @jlokhande46 We all go through shit classmates and colleagues. There's no escape. :(
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