I started Discord server for cascading-style-sheets (CSS) --- you know... that thing you write to make things look good. Come join in. Learn - and share what you know. It doesn't have to be so hard. https://discord.gg/BqdMkVS

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    I'm more than sure this already exists. Quick Google found https://discord.me/page/htmlcss
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    @Dargmuesli - interesting. My many Google searches did not turn up anything. Also asking many of the CSS tech stars didn't turn up anything. I'll check it out. If it's cool / I'll probably remove mine! : )
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    @Dargmuesli - I think I'll stick with the server I made. The one you mentioned doesn't have much organization. I'd like to scope topics differently - and build a community that doesn't write "why does rest fks my code?" In the general channel.
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