Team Lead (not my team, thankfully) sends outs a team-wide message (in their exact words):
"please DM me with the task link if you are adding any new tasks in Jira. This is to make sure that i am aware of any ad-hoc task coming up in the jira queue and also to make sure that all the task are following a common template."

Interpretation : "I'm just too lazy to look at each jira issue after the last one that I followed up on (which is my job BTW). So I'll add some extra work for you to explain everything to me on DM"

Way to go for killing productivity. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Thankfully, this is not my team. If they were my team lead, I'd be super furious. I'd even report it to upper management. I'd even offer to do their job and let them do mine. I think their job just got so easy if everyone was to go report to him like that.

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    First of all, he could be added to "on create" notification list I guess, afaik it is possible. If tasks are properly described (as they should be), there is no need of DMs.

    I've been working with Jira for a 1.5 year now and I really like how our team do it. I have always heard from collegues how much they hate the process. I mean, I agree it takes some time, but I'd rather have a Jira than status meetings 3 times a week.
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    @blem14 I was not blaming jira. I like it too. Of course, it has its blemishes, but hey, like you said, if it saves us from 3 status meetings every week, why not.

    This team lead just added another step to the already cumbersome process.

    There are a lot of ways to tackle this problem. Not to mention, that's supposed to be their job exactly. Like I interpreted it out earlier, it's just that this person got lazy and didn't want to do any work.

    If I were in this position, I can think of multiple ways (other than your suggestion for the 'on create' notification; that's a good feasible solution) to handle this process without having to bother other people.

    1. Default assignee / subscriber on all jira issues (that's what my team lead does; of course, they get a lot of notification spam; but hey, that's part of the job right?)

    2. The old school style of starting with the last jira tracked and then increment the ID one by one and track it.
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    @shine I was only saying that I had opportunity to work with Jira "the right way", but when someone, like that lead, bends a process to ease his own job, then Jira gonna be hated and people tend to avoid adding tasks at all.

    And by the 'on create' I ment default subscription 😀 dev sending lead a DM is almost the same as if Jira did it, so he should be happy

    If it comes to incrementing... from my experience he would be too lazy for that.
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