Just in case nobody has mentioned this yet:

Yes Microsoft I do have a dualhead setup.
Yes Microsoft I do want to watch video on my left screen while having window focus on something on the right monitor.
No Microsoft this doesn't mean that I *lost* focus on the left window.
No Microsoft this doesn't mean that I want your Movies and TV application to suddenly minimize (and continue playing anyway) while I focus on some server monitoring window on my right display.

Microsoft, there exist people that use more than your average user with a single C: drive that play Candy Crush on Facebook all day. And the limitations that you currently impose might very well be what keeps the Microsoft UWP applications from getting adopted. Because you know what? SMPlayer, a default application in any of my Linux workstation machines, it does handle such window transitions just fine!

Microsoft, I love how you at least gave us the option to enable Ctrl-Shift-C and Ctrl-Shift-V in WSL and conhost in general over that abomination that is Right-click and Return (those are so random!) that are relics from CP/M. But seriously? At this rate, I'd definitely not call it usable for anyone but those with a single monitor yet.

So please _/\_

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    Just don't use that Movies application and get yourself a decent video player.
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    However auto minimizing is a surprising behavior which I haven't noticed. Maybe it's only on your machine.
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    @irene Read the rant again and realize that I do already have a secondary media player.
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    @Condor there are no mentions of other player on Windows. Dismissed.
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    @irene Additionally, I've had this across several installations, so maybe it's a hardware issue but most of the common Windows dismissal factors like drivers (of which I've installed none other than Windows' recommendations as I've moved from btrfs to Ceph, and which I'm exposing to my desktop through regular Samba) and user changes (this machine is extremely clean since I'm a purist) are illegitimate. Additionally, it's occurred to me in all of the Windows (re)-installs I've done for it so far. So I highly doubt that it's an issue on my end.
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    > SMPlayer, a default application in any of my Linux workstation machines, it does handle such window transitions just fine!

    There you go. I am implying and hereby explicitly stating that I am using SMPlayer on this host. Thick skull disease again?
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    @Condor it's not an implication at all. You mention that it is a Linux player, not windows one. And you mention dual boot. So there's no reason to imply that you also use it on Windows. Mainly because you still ranted about windows player, which means that you don't use any alternative currently on Windows.
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    Oddly enough, it seems to be only an issue in UWP (Movies and TV) transitioning into non-UWP (e.g. Firefox). devRant UWP can be focused on without Movies and TV going minimized at all. Unfortunately Windows' WM isn't open source, but perhaps this is a compatibility issue between UWP and Win32 applications?

    @irene I'll admit that it was implicit. I do however explicitly state that this media player is a standard on all of my workstation systems. And Windows is a workstation system. I do not dualboot, I use a Windows desktop with dualhead displays, and a secondary Arch laptop. Everything else is mobile, embedded or server (about 20 units total).

    SMPlayer does work fine to me, and if it wasn't for its lack of XF86 Bluetooth control from my headset, it'd be my primary one. Which is why - despite me thinking that UWP is the future because I like package managers like this - I think that issues like this are impeding it.
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    Perhaps I should adopt and patch SMPlayer to become my primary media player though. After all, the only media player that is more efficient to my knowledge is Kodi. Perhaps that's got something to do with its Linux roots ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ although I must say that the ability to open.. let's see.. 18 programs of varying memory footprints including Firefox with over a dozen tabs hasn't gone unnoticed to me. Windows is improving, and I firmly believe that the mention of issues like this are part of it. Can't improve on it of course because it's all proprietary, but this is the least that I could do.
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    Yes, finally someone complaining about actual issues with Windows.
    Thank you.
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    I’d say you’re in the 0.001% of Windows ’user-types’. They don’t give a fuck about you.
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    Why not use VLC?
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    @filthyranter not even windows but one app.
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    @Kandelborg or potplayer which is more user friendly and nice looking than out-of-the-ninties VLC
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    @irene VLC has everything though. Its even great for dev with webcams and object detection as it has a plugin that turns the player into a 'webcam'.

    I've never had issues with VLC on all platform I've used it (Android, iOS, Windows (xp, vista, 8, 8.1,10), Ubuntu LTS 16 & 18) - and I've had weird audio files, strangely codexed video files and VLC just plays everything without problems.

    Looks of a player doesn't matter to me... I'm going to look at the content anyways - and VLC has all the functionality I would ever need and I have weird usecases
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    @irene I never looked into it. Here's the page with skins: https://videolan.org/vlc/...
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    @Kandelborg I know that VLC has skin support but it still is uncomfortable.
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    @irene For me it's a video player with everything, supported on everything with all the features. I always customize all my UI things, just not the ones that I won't look at all the time. Especially a player which I'd have fullscreened for videos or minimized for sound.
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    @Kandelborg actually potplayer has a ton of settings and built in codecs too 🤷 it's not just a one button player as windows movies
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    @irene from a bit of reaseach I'd have to agree on potplayer being okay. But only for Windows - as of now - though.

    I also love my keyboard shortcuts.
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    @irene PotPlayer is nice, but the controls are very confusing. VLC, while not completely perfect in terms of controls, does do it a lot better. I tried rebinding PotPlayer's controls to be more VLC-like, but I ended up missing stuff like being able to control audio delay and shuffle through the video frame-by-frame easily. Maybe I'll revisit PotPlayer, but for now it seems very lacking in features.

    On the UI side, VLC still wins. PotPlayer, while looking prettier, seemed to have a lot of stuff hidden in menus that didn't make sense. I'd rather stick with VLC, because even though it doesn't look amazing, it works well.
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    @Riccorbypro that's just a matter of habit.
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