Hackathons are really getting obvious in their employer fantasies...

Wired has a great article on the exploitation of hackathons:

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    Finally an article over it that no ones care.

    Devs are crazy.
    They want to showcase themselves.
    Give new ideas to corporates with gifts or emoloyment. And later gets laid off.

    Its a total exploit or scam for Devs.
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    That's a cliché job interview question, not hacking stuff. Sure enough, employees who happily hack away in 36 hours shifts to make up for management's incompetent project and staff planning must be employers' wet dream.

    Remember how SO rep whoring used to count as hiring signal some years ago when SO was hot? These days, it rather counts as signal for lacking soft skills.
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    I stop programming, I drink an orange juice, i return to my desk...

    The Problem is easy then before...

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    We need a union!
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