So i am dating this one girl that has been friends with me for as long as i can remember. We got the families to know what's happening and they are happy with one problem. Her brother.. He's fine and i spoke to him but he seems to have an issue only when im unable to help him like when he asks me if i have annold phone laying around, can help get him something ect. And i am actually getting a little pissed off because i know him but he seems to either be taking advantage or trying to gain something out of his sisters and my relationship or tries ti make me feel guilty for things i don't want to do. His sister doesn't know and i dont want to have her and her brother argue because of me. Why tf can't a person just be happy..

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    Your right for not just putting it out there but I wouldn't sweat it too much. If they grew up together and she's dated more than just you then she's probably well aware of his behavior and your probably not the first he's done that too. She's probably just not said anything about it because she doesn't want to scare you off.
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    @M1sf3t you're probably right :) I mean it happens when we see eachother but its not alot of the time. I'm happy, shes happy and the important part is that my career is in no way affected so i guess i shouldn't sweat it. I probably just needed a place to vent
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    @TrojanMorse yep, this is definitely the place for that 😂
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    Just say no. Firm, direct, don't hesitate nor cave in. If he insists, or tries to guilt-trip you, openly call him out on his bullshit - no need to make a scene, just be upfront with it.
    Giving in to this kind of behaviour only reinforces it, and every time you don't say no you make it stronger.
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    Hack him, and blackmail him. He will be nice if you know his deepest secrets 👤
    (I don't think i just gave you a good advice hahaha)
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    @wajisan think this is only bad advice if his girlfriend catches on to the scheme

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    @M1sf3t hey she may want in on the action if he was a particular annoying sibling growing up and she wants some revenge:P
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    @ftyross you know you might have a point there 🤔
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    @M1sf3t @ftyross yeahh revenge !
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    @endor I couldn't have put it better.
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