New dev guy in office, Does zero research when stuck in somewhere while doing a task. Goes around asking the team if they had done that before. Talks on the phone for like 10-15 mins with god knows who when he has a technical problem.

Doesn't even bother to do a simple debug before complaining about an exception in a service to the dev who wrote it (if he knows the dev who wrote it)

Interestingly, he marks the tasks he does in a google sheet in red, yellow and green rows that's shared with our tech lead.

Not that he bugs me or anything, but just thought i should share this here.

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    Yup, I'm totally with @jschmold and if that's his first job there's more reason to do so

    I was exactly like that 🤭 when I landed in my first dev job
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    Actually always an interesting topic - when should you ask, when should you find out by yourself?

    Usually when I am new somewhere, I try exhausting my resources before going to someone, however sometimes there is an ENORMOUS amount of time to be wasted, when you could have asked a 30 seconds question. This is especially when it comes to company-specific implementations, stuff like that.

    Just don't let others do you work.
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    @jschmold No, I get it, but wasting time can become stupid at a certain point.

    See, learning is *always* preferrable, obviously. Some devs got this block in their head, being scared of unfamiliar things. But once you get the success from applying what you have learned you start to enjoy learning.

    But there are other situations. Sometimes there are specialists in teams. If you waste time learning something, where there are specialists hired for, you can become a liability - you benefit yourself at that point, not your project.

    Same thing with specific stuff. Say you need to ask about an IP that needs to go into a config to connect to a server. Makes no sense wasting time trying to find it out by yourself

    In the end our time is limited. We cannot learn all, we also cannot even learn all that we would like to learn. So a dev needs not only self-sufficiency, but efficiency as well.

    I also always want to solve things myself, but it is not always wise.
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    @jschmold Look, I'm not arguing, just sharing
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    "tomemonos un tinto, seamos amigos"

    "let's share a cup of coffee, and let's be friends"
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    @jschmold LOL. no fucking way. i think he already has a mentor on his phone.
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