Last night my Kindle got frozen and failed to respond to the touches, so I hard reseted it by physical power button. After a dozen of minutes of unresponsiveness, it finally restarted. Some light of hope sparked in me when I could see the silhouette of the lovely boy sitting under a tree, and soon enough the starting progress bar appeared and just stopped right before its end. I kept restarting the device over and over again and the starting progress bar has never reached its dest. The mtfk boy sitting under the tree grew up and becomes a douchebag, and still I can't do a thing with my Kindle. I had nothing to do with it now, and in a moment of having nothing to do, I put it out of its case, and even made a big scratch in the top left corner. Just want to smash it right away!

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    That's sad!! And you can't even debug it
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    Luckily that model of Kindle is quite cheap, correct?
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    I swear to god the preview of this post ended with " I saw a lovely boy " so l clicked on it hopefully read a soothing and touching story only to be completely bamboozled.. you write well m8 .. good job 😂
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    @nanl yes, Amazon should at least put an error code for the f*ck sake to debug it

    @AlgoRythm I've just purchased it and am quite disappointed, yes it's cheap but it's not supposed to be a dumb paperweight at $60

    @kappekp it's truly sensational, the boy did grow up and I still can't find a way to boot my Kindle
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    @buitrung Ah, damn, I thought they were more around $40. You got a defective device for sure! Send 'er back!
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    @AlgoRythm actually I did use this very model some time ago and nothing was wrong with it, I hadn't used it for long so I gave it away. Until now I have more desire of reading so I purchase this one (again). There must be something wrong with the software rather than the hardware. I'm trying to downgrade the OS version, hope it will affect!
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    @buitrung Be careful not to void the warranty!
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    Just get it replaced
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    @nanl that's the good thing of the oyo or similar devices (mine is pretty old, slow, but I could tinker with its code -)
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    @AlgoRythm thanks for heads up

    @620hun I’m contacting the seller, they give me some instructions to reboot the device. If the problem can’t be solved I will require a new one.
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    Really a bad product, All the money in vain.
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    That’s why i read paper books, not digital ones. I have read dozens of books on tablet and phone, but that’s just not same feeling, so i have switched back to books.
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    @PurgeXenos each has its pros and cons. If you have to move around more often, you'll see how books can't compare to e-reader

    @smb26 just 2 days ago, I bought from a local seller, not officially from Amazon. I'm looking forward to their support.
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    @smb26 I did chat with amazon support and they said the model is old generation so they can not offer the replacement but a discount for any ereader purchase in future. I have to talk to my local seller to ask for substitution now.
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