There is more comments in my code . Than actual code !

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    How? You write your point of view with code to keep track? Cuz I sometimes do that for some functions where it took me some time to plan them
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    You may want to read "Clean Code" by Robert C. Martin. Can highly recommend.
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    Am working on a second internal library for our company... The first one I get a question every minute on how and what does what. Although it had enough comments.

    So this library am writing examples use cases how to . Basically writing a book.

    On the side am also doing a demo project for demo.
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    @gronostaj is it in java?
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    @DrDonkey It's in English :P Examples use Java, but it can be applied to any other language as well.
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    @gronostaj funny.
    Okay. On my future read list.
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