My condolences go out to the 800 or however many amazing employees/devs that were laid off at Activision Blizzard due to poor leadership and guidance. Idk how many were devs were laid off but it’s all a shame. To think that one of the leading AAA companies is so fucking blind to the truth and only go for $$$ is a waste. If they had people in charge whom actually understood why products in the gaming industry are fun and popular and strives to make good games instead of slot machines and didn’t treat their development staff with such disrespect then maybe they’d make good games. Even bringing the great name of blizzard down to shit.. it’s phenomenal how blind they are and where they put their money. They are disgusting and need to get their head out of their ass even though it wouldn’t help anyone. Sorry to anyone that is involved with them

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    Hope EA going down next, well it’s just a dream
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    They should all follow Digital Extreme lead.

    DE freaking removed an RNG feature hours after release because ONE dude spent several thousand dollars on it. They decided they want a grind machine instead of a slot machine.
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    One word: “path of exile”.
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    @karasube Fucking LOVE DE my dude
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    @Santaclauze I’ve been meaning to pick it up cause I love diablo
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    @gashadokuro they haven’t really done anything wrong
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    It's sad that Blizzard has gone down so much, growing up they were my favourite game devs bar none and they created such amazing experiences (Diablo 2, Warcraft 3, StarCraft, SC2) and honestly Overwatch is great too. I used to dream of working at Blizzard.

    Things have been looking seriously downhill for a while, the Diablo Immortal launch was such an infuriating disaster.

    Here's hoping they get their act back together, they still have a fuckton of talented people.
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    @Santaclauze technically that's three words :p
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    @RememberMe yeah although I feel like Diablo immortal would’ve been taken a lot better if it was announced at a different time, I personally can’t wait to play it but I understand why people are pissed I am too (to an extent)
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    @Bubbles shame ypu havent earlier. They have added so much content since its ridiculous. You can play end game in so many different ways.

    Complexity sometimes is a downer but diablo is sooooo casual its a joke coming from blizzard (a bit like heroes of the storm for mobas, its only plus side is you not stuck for 1h in a shit game with assholes).
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