Hope this is less controversial...

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    inb4 pilot waves
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    I didnt get. Can some one explain this science joke.
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    Photons been doing meth
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    @zotigapo in quantum physics everything has wave-particle duality. Basically, a given thing can be understood as a wave, with wavelike behaviour and properties (eg. wavelength, interference/diffraction), but it can also be understood as a particle with particle-like behaviour. You could say it's both, depends on how you see it.

    Eg. Electrons behave like little charged pellets in that they produce dots on a detector screen (particle) but also as matter waves which can diffract/interfere with stuff (wave).

    Light has wavelike behaviour (it shows interference/diffraction, we also commonly talk about wavelength/frequency of light) but it can also be understood as a stream of photons, massless things which exhibit very particle-like behaviour (eg. photoelectric effect).

    Everything has wave-particle duality, its just that the waviness of matter doesn't really show itself much at our very large scales, so you don't see footballs diffracting near goalposts or something.
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    @RememberMe interesting thanks man.
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