PSD2 is into effect in the Netherlands.

Because let's enable others to fuck over other peoples privacy!

Back to cash as much as possible it is.

Fucking hell 😡

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    Hmm, and for those who are in America?
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    @ScribeOfGoD Not sure, this applies to all EU bank transactions.
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    @linuxxx hmm interesting. What does it entail
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    @ScribeOfGoD It allows people to give companies (they have to get a license) access to all their bank transactions of the past x time.

    That's fine if people are given enough information but the catch:

    Let's say person A does a lot of financial transactions with person B.

    Person B doesn't want their financial data in the hand of anyone else than their own bank and themselves. Fair enough!

    Now, person B doesn't agree to any data sharing with any third parties, all good.

    But, person A does choose to share transactional data with a company. So person A shares the data and now some of person B's data gets in the hand of this external company as well since they do loads of transactions with eachother.

    Thus, person B loses control of their data.
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    That... Is ugly. Very, very ugly
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    Ugh, why do people suck?
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    WTF are they doing ? Are they out of their fucking mind ? Fuck it im gonna pure cash or bitcoin. Dammit EU you are fucking up hard.
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    Actually, what happens with info about International transactions? I can't imagine them being able to justify selling off data about transactions with non-Dutch.
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    Shouldn't B then be returned as an Anonymous entity?
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    @xewl Yup! But it isn't.
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    @linuxxx I feel like, as long its for the sole purpose of showing it to person A.. he can have access to the data that's available to A, unlocked by A's keychain... then I'm fine with that.
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    @xewl we all know that's not going to happen..
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