3 months into the job and I got a value recognition award.. woohooo!

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    AKA we should be paying you more, but this will do.
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    Out of probation. Congratulations
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    Hope you got a Gold Class tickets 😉

    Do you work for Carsales?
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    Hehe thanks guys
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    @LordPeeve Are you in Australia as well?

    Yeah I just moved here, been good so far hehe
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    @nam17887 I am, based in Syndey :) many jobs ago we used to scrape the shit out of that site for a client 😅

    Enjoy the movies, I'm sure you have more than earned those tickets and I hope they keep rewarding you for your excellent work 😊
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    @LordPeeve haha nice mate good to know! Sydney is nice, you have AWS office in there!
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    @nam17887 It's nice but I heard Mlb is way more relaxed, I like that speed more 😉

    Not sure about AWS, I though they only had dev in Brisbane but that was 2 years ago. I'm not in cloud space so I don't follow that space 😊
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