Every job interview question ever

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    My hobbies are staying in perfect health, not getting children, helping out coworkers meet their deadlines, putting sick family members in quarantine and cooking baked goods for office meetings.

    In the evenings, I usually like repairing broken hardware for coworkers, if I'm not preparing presentation slides.

    I have been living with my lovely wife. She has no desire to become pregnant, and never calls me at work. We live in an amazing indestructible well financed home, at walking distance from work.

    It's actually two towns over, but I run half marathons in the weekends so I like to take a brisk walk in the morning, arriving at 6am so I can quickly check my mail before starting the day.

    I also love recruiting qualified new employees if required. I don't like the instability of kickback fees or bonuses, a low constant wage for the next 50 years is my dream.
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    @bittersweet you're hired. Start Monday by fixing printers
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