Am i the only one who thinks TypeScript is not necessary, more some kind of overhead creation?
Whats your opinion about TS? Do you use it or just "good" old plain JavaScript?

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    Well if you ever feel like changing your code (different input for a function) you'll know where to look because the compiler will tell you
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    @beegC0de okay thats a point
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    Its honestly just to get warnings for when we are doing the kind of stupid shit that dynamic languages let us do. Type checking is a big deal when you are doing a large project in which a lot of moving parts are a thing. Other than that, the only time in which i had to use Typescript was for Angular and that is about it, i don't think i could bare with it on say an express or koa app, but that is just me. Mind you my node projects, even the ones in production are not really that large.
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    I really like the fact that you can create interfaces and if you change the input to a function that has that interface type it won’t transpile
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    @Tayo I mean more like the overhead for writing Interfaces and type annotations
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