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    Nah, the I uSE aRCh crowd is way worse
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    Jokes on you! I am not a programmer :D

    I'm a student.
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    What is wrong with stickers om computers?
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    @RememberMe especially those arch users who are also vegans, and Jehova's witnesses. Also, they develop JS frameworks - in PHP!!!1111oneoneone
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    @RememberMe wtf do you have against Arch users. Its just one huge fucking joke at this point that Arch community feeds myself included.
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    @Fast-Nop ouch! Too close!! 😂😂

    But I'm so productive though because my health... and arch boot in 8 secon....


    Sorry, I did it again!
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    Depends on your stickers. Mine is fairly clean and I try to keep corporate stuff far away.
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    @jschmold <lotr>I'm never retarded. Nor am I a smartass. I'm always precisely as bright as I mean to.</lotr>
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