Planning Poker - Bavarian Style

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    Why and what is planning poker? (P.S. I dunno poker either)
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    @melezorus34 planning poker is a way to estimate the effort and time you need to implement a feature in your code base. It is used in agile development. 1 would be the value for an easy task whilst 5 describes an exponentially harder job. In sprint planning, when the stories are being estimated one after the other, every team member would choose one of these in secret what he or she thinks the about to estimate story is "woth". Everyone reveals their estimation at the same time. Then the team decides on the value to assign to the story depending on discussion or majority.
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    @melezorus34 one Sprint (period of time - 2 weeks are quite common) contains multiple stories or tasks, each having a planned value. So the sprints your team performs are comparable. Let's say they planned to do 100 story points in one sprint, but only made 65. So in the upcoming sprint they might decide to only plan to do 65 in order to achieve that sprint's goal.
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