I recently found an old friend to help my debugging — I don't have a duck, but for some reason people see them as unserious and think the ones I've got are either cute, quirky, or a natural part of the nerd habitat :P

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    Nice to see a desk that doesn't feature a pretenous 21:9 portrait monitor, macbook air and a pristine baobab desk and cup holder.
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    I see you like to place your brain on the desk, too...
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    @theuser I prefer functional and usefull to pretentious and expensive ;)

    @iAmNaN The brain on my desktop is a (horse) chestnut, that feels good in the hand while reading and getting a feel of things; the one on my desktop gives a sense of relative positioning on my screens :P
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    A Totoro! Me or my son would totally steal this.
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