We're making reusable rockets and putting cars in space but I still can't pay with my fingerprint instead of a fucking pin code.

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    Ofc it's technically possible. But do you really want your fingerprint in all sorts of databases? I don't.
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    @CoffeeNcode True, but I am horrible at remembering numbers and simply touching a sensor would be more convenient.
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    I'd rather use a fucking pin code.
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    Fingerprints are quite insecure as people tend to leave them lying around all over the place..
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    And they're painful to change once compromised.
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    I get it, fingerprints are unsafe. This was just a rant I posted because I've managed to block my debit card today by entering the wrong pin and I got mad. 😂😂

    Also @-red holy fuck dude thanks for the ++ flood. 😅
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    Google pay lets you pay with your fingerprint if you really want... Or if it's available where you are.
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    Rectum scan
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    The CCC disaproves...
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    That's because the league for thumb safety is lobbying.
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    @mpie I approve.
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