Open source for the win!

Working on a new awesome project and found an open source android app which does most of what I need. realized that one of its features is very annoying for me so was sitting behind my desk like fuck me.

........ Suddenly remembered that the app was open source.

Cloned the repo, imported into Android studio, rewrote the part (very tiny part, I'm not a Java dev) that needed rewriting and built the app.

Installed it onto my device through adb and bam, works! (Although not ideally yet but I overlooked other features needing adjustment).


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    Time for a pull request 😁
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    @Drillan767 Nah don't have a GitHub account ;)
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    @linuxxx nice 👌
    I'm currently importing all my GitHub projects into Gitlab 😅
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    @Drillan767 I left gitlab (gitlab.com) and am self hosting now 😁
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    @linuxxx So you're using Gogs ? Or maybe a self hosted version of Gitlab? Or maybe something else? 😮
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    @Drillan767 interested too in this one!
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    Out of curiosity, which app was it?
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    @Drillan767 I think he's using Gitea (which I would recommend, by the way).

    @Brosyl Maybe something like Facebook, who knows! Rewriting the part where you sell your soul to the devil.

    @linuxxx I would also like to know what it is, if possible :D
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    @Drillan767 Maybe just vanilla git?
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    @Jilano Ah yeah I remember him talking about Gitea now, I bet it's the one then :')
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    @linuxxx Fixing a bug but not being able to contribute to the largest open source collection kinda feels against your arguments pro open source 🤔
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    @Forside What do you mean exactly? Me not having a GitHub account or?
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    @Jilano @Brosyl @Drillan767
    App: ulogger
    Self hosted git: gitlab. Tried others but this just works so good out of the box and seems light enough...
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    @linuxxx Thanks, I'll check it out!

    By the way, if you think that Gitlab is light enough, imagine how you would feel with Gitea :D

    (I might have been sponsored by @devTea, but I shall not confirm it.)
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    @Jilano I couldn't setup webooks easily with gitea, with gitlab that seems very easy :D
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    @SauceBoss Why would that be the case?

    I'm also pro privacy and gitlab is hosted at Google cloud and Microsoft now owns GitHub (Snowden leaks, anyone?) so hosting it myself gives me quite some more control :)
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    @SauceBoss You can make your repo public, even if it is self-hosted. It's like having your website on your own servers instead of relying on companies to host it for you. Also, if only personal projects are stored on his gitlab instance, and he didn't released them to the public, the source-code might as well be private. Open-source doesn't mean "do everything publicly" but "if you release something publicly, share how you did it as well". "Self-hosted" doesn't mean "private" but "doesn't rely on third-parties and control on your own stuff". 🙂
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    @SauceBoss We both made assumptions. Yours made you find this whole thing contradictory, mine made me think they were compatible. Anyway, I'd be glad to know if @linuxxx's repo is public if has public projects (of course).
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    @SauceBoss @Brosyl Server is public and I've already got one public project on there. Just have to check if it contains my name somewhere and if not, I'll give you guys the link ;)
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    @SauceBoss See? 😁
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    @SauceBoss And thank you for taking back what you said 😊👌
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    @linuxxx @SauceBoss
    You know what? I love you guys (like the whole devRant community, not you specifically). There are only nice people and even the not nice ones are just nice people.

    Edit : I might be non-sober at this point. Was this comment off-topic?
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    Even with a self-hosted repository service you can still have accounts for GitHub, GitLab and Bitbucket, simply for forks and pull-requests. Your local Git, whether CLI or GUI, does not care at all.
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