If you have got any skill, do you need a certificate to prove it to everyone?
What are your experiences on it?

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    You’ll want solid references and a well planned portfolio.
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    @M1sf3t in place of certificate?
    Does certificate even matter?
    I've got no references
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    @gitlog I have 4 certifications and each one generates some interest from hiring manager and recruiters.
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    Having a certificate only tells that you learn well. Not that you have skills or are a good programmer. That’s the advice I want to give you
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    They generally cost money (and quite a lot) and they don't necessarily say you're a good programmer.
    I think there are better ways like @M1sf3t said.
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    @gitlog They will matter if presented from a place with a well know reputation. A school or training program with a high attrition rate is usually your best bet, most public universities don't fit this criteria anymore, for software or otherwise. Now if your talked about a degree from MIT or Stanford, then you can probably count it.

    Note I said usually, some places have a high attrition rate because of ridiculous hazing practices, costs or just generally hiring instructors that don't know how to teach. These places are designed to look like they're prestigious but if you look at the performance of the graduates in the field, they will be somewhat obvious to pick out. A lot of modern universities, both public and private, do fit it into this category
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    Some pornstars have great skills and they don't have certificates for giving the best blow jobs ever. I think it's more important to show it in portfolios or blog and video tutorials. I'm not saying certificates are worth nothing though. If I'm looking at two resumes, the one with the cert would catch my attention more than the one without but then again there are still interviews to follow. The more projects you build, the easier it would be for you to answer technical interview questions.
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