Starting to wonder if I don't enjoy coding or if the corporate environment is just draining the life out of me with it's constant monotony and monotone culture. I can't bring myself to be excited about this stuff, it's so boring. It pays the bills but it doesn't keep my eyes open.

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    I'd lean towards the corporate environment's draining the life out of you. I usually can offer some kind of helpful advice, maybe a strategy. In this case all I can offer is my sympathy.
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    @bols59 well, the sympathy is appreciated all the same. Maybe once my student loans are paid off and I'm promoted I'll take up a cubicle at a smaller and more lively company. Who knows. Don't want to stay glass eyed and monotone for life.
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    I will agree with @bols59.
    I am working in a corporation and I find coding not enjoyable at all!
    But it's good money, so I will be staying for a while.
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    @Qaldim yeah it's the pretty bright silver lining. Leaving for somewhere else in the future also means being able to request a higher pay too. I just wanna get these student loans taken care of so I can actually enjoy that money 😂
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    It's the environment. I worked at a big company and lost my motivation in coding. I even thought about switching careers. There is so many ad hoc asks and so little coding that I didn't feel like a developer anymore. In my new job, I got my motivation back. I can't even wait to come to the office and sometimes when I go home, I want to work on personal projects.
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    @rutee07 that sounds so nice
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