Radeon gives notification about update. Update shows 2 major updates. Downloading update. Installer of update says its already up-to-date. What the fuck AMD and Intel?

Ps: How come that Windows still having issues with docking stations and different resolutions when (un)plugging?

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    Happens to me in every boot. It's because of a bug in 2018 Adrenalin Driver. I've got an RX550 and I don't have any third-party drivers like NVIDIA do.
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    @KartSriv Yeah the thing is that Windows has a bug that I it does not allow changing brightness after standby instead goes to 100% when I manually update. Also the update wants to additionally install some bloatware software by AMD/Intel which I definitly do not need/sant. I have the rx Vega m. Did nobody test this shit?
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    @hypervtechnics it's the outcome of a bad client xD
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