fuck the guy that writed the api that I consume at my company

he's not the worst guy ever, and he might be going through some stuff in life, or maybe he's just happy. There's no way to know actually.

but fuck him. fuck this fucking guy. fuck him with a thousnd dicks.

this guy defends his postures on the api like this thing was fucking sacred and masterly designed ok?

if I ask him to change one url's method from get to post so that I can send more longer data for the request, he comments "i cant believe they still haven't figured out a get request with a body". I appreciate him caring abkut the correctness.

but this is the same piece of shit that makes NOOO fucking validations on whatever I send to it. I get 500 for fucking EVERYTHING.

And if he does 400, the actual response messages are garbage, the same fucking text with no explanation.

FUCK YOU!!!!!!

I hate the way he structures the names of the url and the parameters, sometimes I have to send arrays of strings, other times arrays of objects, the naming is garbage and INCOSISTENT.

And when we asked him to do the API dotnet core, he was like "nah" FUCK YOU FOR USING SOON TO OBSOLETE TECHNOLOGIES!!!
THIS PIECE OF SHIT IS SLOW, because a coworker did another spi in core and the response times are hugely better.

I wouldnt mind if he was 100% of the time careless, but he actually makes a stand for his ideas, as if he actually gave two shits.

he's actually an ok guy though but... fuck hiim!!!! ive been holding onto this for a while... and I'm sure I have some flaws too.

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    i wouldnt mind if he was new either, but he always seems like dismissive of proposed changes
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    Like most of the co worker I met
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    omg I just noticed I typed writed lmfao, what a failure I am in english... in my def, I was very tired...
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    We all know that one guy who thinks his way is better than everyone else's and never learn from his mistakes.
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    What a wonderfuck world..
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    I'm actually writing an in-house framework for my coworkers to use (hopefully in the near future). This rant makes me anxious. 😖
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    Not writed, it should be wrote 😑
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    @monzrmango he tends to be restrictive about changes so don't be scared, you seem to care
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    "but fuck him. fuck this fucking guy. fuck him with a thousnd dicks."
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    @Devnergy lol, IIRC I was a hot little potato that day
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