"what are you working on right now?"

I think that question is the one I hate the most.

If A asks that to B, it means A has the authority to do so, you're basically a boss or leader.

But it also reveals insane incompetence, because A has such role, then should already know what B is working on.

I have fantasies of just exploding with a "NOTHING, NOTHIIIIIING!!!! Because you didn't assign me anything"

What the fuck do they want me to do? Go around jerking off to any documentation I can find on google?

Should I just come up with things so that they can be sadly discarded?

I would much rather have dailies, and get guided like "you can do this or that" I feel like I'm just expected to do shit without any actual regqrd for results. As if I was some dog who was thrown a stick to fetch.

But if I don't fetch the stick I get asked like "you should be doing something". I fucking hate it .

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    The manager I had when I left my last job was an incompetent, micromanaging dick head. No really, he looked like a dick.

    He was of (very poor) opinion that micromanaging was the only way anyone would get anything done. Talked to a colleague a few weeks ago and now that dick wad is being micromanaged because his team cant get anything done.
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    @steaksauce an actual happy ending
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