I never thought I was a highly opinionated person (read: elitist) until I realized it bothered me that my coworker prefers low-profile rubber dome keyboards to mechanical ones. I'm going on a journey for personal growth this week.

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    Welcome to devRant! Have your first ++. Each person works with what they like best.
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    what personal growth??? fuck that pleb!
    although i appreciate your desire to grow, I do tend to like opinionated/passionate people more...
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    Welcome, and here's another opportunity for personal growth: devRant isn't Shitter, so no hashtags. Separation works by commas.
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    @iAmNaN I stand with @Scrambo here. Fuck rubberdomes. My fresh kb at work started to get the first soggy keys at 2 months in 🤮

    Needless to say I bought a mech kb for work a week later.
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    I can't say I hate rubber dome now, but I think I got spoilt with my first mechanical one.
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    @madotha It's not the typing experience per se, theres ones that do fine but its the fact that i cant rely on it over time that i hate so much
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