my boss:
*doesn't assign any tasks to me*
*doesn't check what I'm doing in days, sometimes weeks*
also my boss:
"what are you working on?"
"i thought you were going to work on that other thing"

im starting to get manageophobic

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    Well what are you doing if you get no tasks assigned? Maybe get proactive and ask wtf you should do if you're all finished
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    Thats why i love my job, i can just tell my boss what i will do and he'll be happy and if he needs something done he'll let us know far enough in advance that we can plan around it.
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    @Kimmax he might assign a bullshit task of which result he won't care
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    @ItsNotMyFault please send over your manager to our team
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    @erandria thats not how work works.
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