my line manager & my line managers line manager had a 10 minute heated argument earlier, right in front of me, about what work i should be doing
i still don't know what i should be working on

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    line manager .. hmm that screams sweatshop
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    At least they had the discussion between them self and not with you as the middle man.
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    @Voxera between themselves, loudly in the middle of the office, and directly in front of me :)
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    @mellen still better than both telling you what to do, disregarding any instructions the other one has given you and then blaming you when you have not had time to do both :/
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    That's the time you walk away.
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    @marlberm2014 i should have walked away months ago, but i haven't found an offer that matches what i get here & i desperately need the money
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