Embarrassing bugs during client demo

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    And you be like wtf last time when I checked it was working lol

    And then few moments later you suddenly remembered that the last modifications you made before going out and thought you will do the necesarry chnages so it will start working again and it doesn't work now cause you forgout about the changes you had to make before the demo,
    Now that bug actually made sense and why it is happening.

    *More embarrassing and more hard to tell the client and you just decide not to tell all thos to the client and just do something else.
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    *stars demo and accidentally alt tabs to weird porn*
    - Wow, what a crazy bug

    ontopic though, demoing is awful, predemo I get too confident as a denial reaction to possible bad scenario, but on demo I have 0 confidence on things working...

    Maybe I should write cypress tests before demoing?
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    @erandria my confidence had me blinded xD
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    Like the infamous Windows 98 demo snag
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    You haven't appeased the Demo gods. Next time, pay your sacrifices before.
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