I'm really fed up working with android studio.
I had to use it on my vocational training. I had lubuntu there, and we weren't allowed to bring along our own laptops. In my desktop I had ubuntu and windows 7.
I had to work with my project made in lubuntu at home, and it didn't work, on neither OS. I eventually tested I wasn't able to run the project cross plataform thanks to my desktop, but when I installed android studio on my laptop, it seems like it doesn't work with the same OS but a slightly (one week) version later.
I had to scrap the whole project on my desktop, copy the laptop's installer into desktop's window and make it all over again in order to be able to use the same project in both of them.... Until I updated. I updated both of them without reinstalling them, and the gradle never agreed again.

After two years I'm trying again and this problem still exists... And gradle is now even slower to crash.

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