Its normal if i drop some eyedrop at my new job ? My boss don't know anything of is network ... Cannot help me with noting no code no net... All the code is done already is a deep shit full of breach im fucking solo in a room face a brick wall no window ! Can i stay for 10 month at this place ?

Need to coding but have no cluse how to connect to a fucking database no user no password ...

Its the fucking hell here πŸ‘ΏπŸ˜’

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    That really sucks. What DBMS?
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    @iAmNaN what database use ? Mysql and oracle in same project
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    They are both Oracle products. If you have a support contract, they might be able to help. You do need to approach your boss and tell him "we have a problem" because if you can't access the DB, you can't support it if anything goes wrong, and that is his problem. I'm guessing whoever set it up is long gone.
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