I have speakers with a built-in amplifier that turn themselves off if no audio has been played for a while.
Behold: ~/bin/turn-on-speaker

#!/usr/bin/env sh

Speaker turns on when it recieves sound, but it takes a while to play anything, so I won't hear anything anyway.

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    Don’t be that guy that has a directory in your home folder that is in your path. Do you want to get rootkited by a script kiddie?
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    My monitor has that shit built-in and I don't want to deal with yet another 3m cable. What makes it worse is that this is on-off fuckery happens constantly when under a certain threshold. It does it only when using Display port tho... I don't want to go back to HDMI because I then lose the ability to use the 'G-Sync' compatible mode.
    Drives me nuts, can't hear very short things like 'yep' or 'ok', or can't hear anything at all, because the threshold is too high. It even cuts out in moves - _-
    It's about time that piece of shit flies out the window
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    @FrodoSwaggins Okay, but where else should I put it then? And how would that even happen?
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    @filthyranter /usr/local/bin and use sudo. Or /opt/bin and use sudo
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    @FrodoSwaggins Ok, but again, how would I be rootkitted?
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    @filthyranter any time your path has directories that aren’t read only to your user (or for that matter anyone but root) you’re at extreme risk to be rootkited
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    @FrodoSwaggins Guess I'll put it in /opt/bin then
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