so if guys read my prev rants... this is it im quitting my job got a better offer coz my current company blocked devrant started last week i was like wtf 1st thing that my future employer asked me what will make you happy i said "dont block sites that are helpful for devs" he lol'ed so hard btw just got it today thank you so much devrant my macbook and laptop will now look really cool

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    blocked devrant? mega lol :D
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    @myss yea they and i asked why they said its unsafe lol i lost my temper because on how stupid our network admin is told him face to face how did you end up being a network admin or and IT person lol
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    Yeah really unsafe, like 99% of people who go to devRant already dunno how to setup VPN and bypass these restriction.

    Just for lolz of trolling when leaving I'd suggest him to start filtering out stuff by whitelist principle then instead of blacklist. Better yet, why would you even need Internet, ask him to lock out everything just on only local company network..
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    @myss actually almost everything is blocked even stackoverflow no joke worst part cant install vpn or even run tor since we do not have admin rights and even visual studio code on user mode wont even run 😣
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    Soo euhmm what happens if you opt out to use some Linux based OS? Are you forced to use Windows only and if yes please tell me you're only developing Windows applications there.
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    @myss yup windows only web and android apps
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    mate, run.. run for your life from there asap
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