The softs are throwing a Pi Day pizza party at lunch today. So I'm working from home.

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    ugh, why is everyone talking about food today? I'm f'ing hungry now 🙄
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    @M1sf3t fucking hungry* ;)
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    @linuxxx haha I’ve been making an effort to tone it down a notch. But your right, I’m fucking famished 😅
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    I was about to say "it's fucking Pi Day!" But then I remembered that some places write the date wrong.
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    In such places, there is no such thing as Pi Day.
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    I take it back! I take it back universe! Just let me have pi day.

    Fucking April. Why couldn't you have 31 days?!
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    @Charon92 why couldnt the year have 14 months?
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    Or that but I feel like that'd annoy people more. You know what they're like. All peopley and shit.
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