Hey guys. Anyone subscribed to Symfonycasts? It is like Laracasts. Can I download all videos there as well while I'm subscribed to them?

How are the tutorials there? I want to download and watch the oAuth 2 tutorial there. Thanks!

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    SymfonyCast sounds sooooo copycat..

    Well no, okay, I'd sign-up if it's any good (if stated by someone here, or checking it on my own later today)

    Meet you at the message board if so 🥜🍺
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    It should be 2 syllable also. Symfocasts lol like laracasts. Following the copycat pattern. I hope Jeffrey way will create a course about oauth2 + updated laravel passport.
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    @Devnergy I anticipate that Auth will be covered in the latest course (Laravel, Vue and SPA's)
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    First things first: If the quality is the same as laracasts(Not seen it but doubt it) this would be awesome. My juniors need this. I will buy that on monday and see if it‘s good.

    For oauth2 you don‘t need any tutorial normally. https://github.com/FriendsOfSymfony... does almost everything for you. I just set that up the other day even with custom authorization and user provider since our website is just the „frontend“ to a backend somewhere else.
    Took me 4h even with extending the original bundle classes.
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    I just watched the freely available course for Symfony 4, I guess that's what I can recommend to watch; mostly so you can verify if Ryan can explain stuff for you to understand. So far so good imho.

    This was KpnUniversity before, I get why he's changed that though, as he's a core team member of Symfony, ánd it's a ++ for SEO.

    I'm not so keen on the price, as it's more than double from what Laracasts offers. But, given you want to learn, its your choice how you yourself weigh-in this factor against your target of getting to know the subjects in his courses.

    These free videos seem to live on Vimeo, right-clicking the video does show me the option to download. I guess it'll probably be available to download when you've signed up. Did not search for an automated script for this, though.
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