> Underfull \hbox (badness 10000)LaTeX

I don't care about the badness of my hboxes, cause I'm a badass myself.

At least the document looks nice.

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    Look into those orphans
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    Yeah, it most often occurs when there is some //
    line break. I try to get rid of them, but sometimes using them is just too tempting.
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    Is there a good alternative to \\ though?
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    Ah, LaTeX, my old enemy. I swear I'm going to do my thesis on DomPDF.
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    @Tekrus Depends. Normally you should not need it and there are better solutions most of the time. For instance I just found out how to justify \texttt elements:
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    @nitnip Nowadays you could just output real Latex from many sources via pandoc. So you can write it in shitty word or markdown and still get a nice Latex-y looking pdf.
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