How many hours a day works your project manager?

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    I don't micromanage my manager so I don't know.
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    @rutee07 right answer :)

    To answer: Like 9 hours a day I guess but in the end wasting a lot of time.
    In our company: 2hr real work a day, rest is being busy to be busy.

    I don‘t care to be honest. I‘m the lead dev and let management play their games. I refer to them as my special friends. They are all „very special“🙂
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    wait -PMs work?

    ya what @ExGetMessage said
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    How many project managers work at your company?

    About half of them
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    I've rarely ever seen management working except to appear like they're working. All they ever seem to do: furiously "fire off" emails, make endless phone calls, call useless meetings, and badger people with "why isn't x/y/z/q done yet?!"

    In short: they talk. Endlessly.
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