Can we all please try to keep emotion out of coding? It never ever helps to get upset at a code review.

Please please please accept constructive criticism, and dish it back to me! You can hate my code just don't hate me. :/

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    Hand him over the tissue and gesture wiping his tears away and say, "Now don't cry. This is not about you, it's about your code. Alright?"
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    Do it like every other smart dev, stay calm and rant on devRant.
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    This is something I agree with completely. When doing code reviews I usually try to explain why I dont like a particular thing and what problems I foresee and If I feel I might be wrong or unsure I try to encourage discussion so we can pick it apart and possibly both learn something. Every code review I get or do I see as a learning experience and I want other programmers to feel comfortable challenging my opinions so we can both move forward faster! Honestly I think making your team confortable around you and keeping the atmosphere friendly is the #1 key to productivity
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