It was workingggg

It was working five minutes agoooooo

Why isn't it working anymoreeeeeee

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    "Because we are no longer five minutes ago."
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    You fucked up.
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    git reset --hard
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    Must be a Time-sensitive program
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    It smelled your fear.
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    You comitted the working state, didn't you?
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    Oil goes here:

    I wish fans had grease nipples, would be so much easier !

    I find steam engine oil works well. (Have to import that here, as we have no railways..)
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    Maybe, just like the dumbass that is me, you saved another copy of the file and kept running the old one. I spent a few minutes trying to figure out why my Python script wouldn't listen to my updates. After I removed all the lines including the line in the error message and still got the same error message, I finally looked at the file name. <insert Pikachu's :O face>

    @Nanos Sexy fingers. Are those yours?
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    Had a bug one Time that consumed tiny bit of ram with each loop hardly noticeable but over time used up all the ram then CRASH goes the system 😤
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    FX [ Smiles. ]

    Just a random picture off the internet to show where to put lubricant..
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    The time's rng seed has been rotten
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