Any hardcore vim users out there? In need of help with tabs/panes. I tried some google-fu, but not much help.

I have a kubernetes helper, where I can run a command like :Vikube, and it'll open the result in a new tab. Is there any way I can open the result in a splitpane instead? I've found some ways, but not any good ways :/

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    Maybe a more advanced vim user can chime in.

    From this line you can see that `newtab` is hardcoded without conditions:
    So the only choice I see is forking it, replacing that line with `vsplit new` or `hsplit new`, and using your repo as plugin.

    Maybe someone can point out what's the most appropriate way of giving the user the ability to choose that, with some user config to default to whatever the user wants, and hopefully propose as pull request.

    I certainly don't know how in terms of vim standards.
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    @erandria damn, kudos to you for actually looking at the source code. And thanks for the suggestion. Hoping someone else chimes in, but otherwise I guess i'll resort to forking it
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    Haven't had a chance to test it (so maybe you can and post results) but try:

    :vert Vikube
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    @deadPix3l good suggestion, but sadly doens't work. It just opens the tab like normal
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