Recently did a food intolerance IgG test and turns out I am dairy intolerant. Fcking dairy intolerance might have been the reason for all that fatigue and massive migraines which I had for the past few years. Cutting out all of it and hopefully that will improve my health in the next few weeks. Previously I tried lots of other shit (changing habits, leaving stressful work environment, fixing sleep patterns, cutting caffeine smoking alcohol you name it) and turned to this test as a last resort.

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    Interesting. I only recently became unable to drink traditional dairy milk. I've also been feeling lots of fatigue. I'm sure much is from high ongoing stress, but your post makes me wonder if there are other contributing factors like this.
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    @duckWit Go see a doctor and get a blood test + food intolerance test. I know it might cost a lot depending on where you live but fuck it man, its your health. I learned it the hard way..
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    Fun fact, humans actually have a dairy intolerance by nature, it's abnormal to be able to drink it. Most people just build up a tolerance though.
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    P.S.: Hope that was what was bugging your body and you'll feel better now
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    I think I'm mildly dairy intolerant myself. I've mentioned it a few times to my doctor, asking if they had a way to test for it, and was always told there wasn't really a way to test for it.

    Because of this, I did some research on food intolerance tests. It seems they're not exactly accepted in the medical industry. I don't know how you got yours done. But if you bought something online, I'd probably ask my doctor about the validity of the findings.
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    @tstivers i did it in a certified laboratory and there doctors who provide consultations. Its an igG test
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