Fuck yeah Article 13 is coming!

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    What's that
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    It's the best thing ever! There where demonstrations all over Europe with over 300.000 participants to finally get it rejected ! Wohoooo
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    Hell Yeah!!! 😂
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    It really feels like "democracy" isnt worth anything anymore.
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    Article13: "I don't know man, I didn't even get approved for this job and I already feel like people hate me. I mean did you know that 300k people all over Europe manifested against me?"
    Brexit: "Hold my beer."
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    @irene ye, its indirect democracy and thats bullshit as u can see. In the end we re back in dictatorship with a small group of persons instead of one.
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    Today the EU fucked the internet as we know it. This will have MASSIVE consequences.
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    All move to the dark web
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    @bhartiyashesh yea, ofc u could achieve sth using a simple VPN. But in the end that doesnt change the problem, that websites hosted in the EU, most of the content creators and streamers will be gone. They are not allowed to upload anything without instantly prove their copyright.
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