planning to program a fun virus and plant it in my room mates computer, what shall it do? you decide

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    @irene Ah the old WannaCrypt ransomeware, sure i could do that, maybe lock his pc temporarily but yeah sure
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    Backgroud gay porn 😁
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    @Guillaumez disguise the script as steam, when he opens it up it would pop up a lot of gay porn, each time closing it would duplicate, solid
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    :( I once made a fake virus and sent it to my friend. It said in a popup window that its deleting all his files, with a progress bar for about 15 seconds .. he completely ignored it, so I had to make a longer version and convince him its a patch he needed... When he finally noticed he just asked me "are mp3s also files?" :( It was barely any fun cause of how dumb he was
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    Just keep local laws in mind, if I'd do that here and got caught I'd be looking at 4 years in prison I think...
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    Why do all that work when you can just install Windows 10?
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    @toriyaki the ultimate virus
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