My manager who promised me team change soon.....resigned.
I thought the worst had happened.

Then my team lead with whom I had issues was promoted as manager for our team.
I realised worst was yet to come.

And then today, in one day....I reached out to HR and then my Director and got my team changed

Now feels peaceful.

This is just temporary solution as I was mentally getting affected. I don't plan on staying in this company for longer....

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    I relate to your username

    But I've got to say, good on you for reaching out and changing jobs! Take care of yourself first, then the company. I wish you the very best and hope things get better soon! Enjoy life!
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    he kept his promise tho
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    Nah this was rude af. I'm not even really a manager but I try to make things as peaceful as possible for the people in my team. If you're even a little bit senior there's a lot you can do to make life easier for your teammates and yourself without degrading the quality of your product. I've been in a situation like yours before and it turned out that the company and most of the people involved just sucked.
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