I give up on getting Bluetooth LE to run :/

Got a new 14'' Laptop for travel/mobile purpose. It only got like 2 USB Ports so i thought a fine Logitech 590 might be nice.

I am currently using Ubuntu 18.10 and a tried everything..Arch Wiki had some nice tips, but even then i cannot even detect the damn tool, despite many sites saying hcitool -lescan plus gatttool should do the trick, no avail.

This is quite retarded cause i was really looking forwar to do this. I figure it might be hard but impossible is annoying :/

Stupid Bluetooth

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    Linux Bluetooth has been a mess recently. Just keep on checking for an upstream fix.

    Btw I run Arch and Bluetooth’s been working great, but I do everything through bluetoothctl.
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    @toriyuno well bluetoothctl is existent in Ubuntu aswell and i actually gave up the GUI pretty soon. So i hoped the Arch Wiki has relevant information, and according to numerous Forums the information is indeed correct, it does not work anyway.

    The first day i spent wondering which my mouse is anyway cause there are constantly 8 devices or so in my flat
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    what’s the actual issue you’re seeing?
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    @toriyuno hcitool with lescan finds the mouse, but neither gatttool nor bluetoothctl can see or interact with the mouse. So i dont get to connect, pair or trust the damn thing.

    According to some sources you are supposed to have one terminal with bluetoothctl , start scan, then lescan with hcitool and ctlr+c, afterwards should reveal the mouse in bluetoothctl.

    But this is all irrelevant right now, first i need to fix my boot. As a total linux newbie i managed to break the boot from the encrypted disk, but i think i will be able to fix that later this day.

    Its all an adventure for me
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    @BurnoutDV ah, that’s going to be quite the learning experience. I don’t have the confidence to work with encrypted boots :)
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    @toriyuno its mostly my own stupidity.

    oldest kernel version worked flawless, but someupgrade fucked cryptdisk ( i think). So the thingy that writes the bootloader doesnt inklude the call to LUKS or LVM so there will be no file system upon boot.

    Yesterday evening i had the bright idea to update ALL bootfiles inkluding my working one. That was stupid.

    in Worst case i have to reinstall the entire thing, which would be sad cause i was just done with customisation, but ohwell. I knew that this will be a bumpy road.
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